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Who would you be if you could activate your full potential and power?

Most of us feel challenged in one area of life or another – our careers, our health, our relationships. It's not because we're lazy or disinterested. We are being thwarted by the hardwiring of our brains.

Adrianne Ahern's Snap Out of It Now! techniques train the brain to support optimal health, success, and well-being by helping people to: 

  • Increase focus, creativity, and eagerness
  • Remove barriers to activate optimal health and clarity
  • Meet life challenges with confidence and calm
  • Positively and effectively respond to change
  • Reduce negative impacts of a stressful life
  • Experience more energy and JOY

Dr. A says, "99% of the limitations we experience in life are the result of 'false truths' that have been hardwired into our brains."

Too many of us are struggling to achieve while the hard-wiring of our brains sabotages our efforts. Dr. Ahern knows that our brains can be working for us, rather than against us.  Rewiring the brain to support success, well-being and life satisfaction is what Dr. A's Snap Out Of It Now! method is all about.

What does all this talk about 'hard-wiring' mean?  It means that our brains have been programmed with specific attitudes and patterns that cause us to act and react in specific ways.  This programming is unconscious, but it is hardwired into our brains, our very physiology through neuro-pathways.  Its messages are often negative and limiting--and it rules our lives. Let your team discover how to Snap Out Of It NOW! with Dr. Adrianne Ahern.

Dr. Adrianne Ahern, performance consultant, keynote speaker, and author of Snap Out of It Now! (June 2007), guides business leaders, star athletes, and others seeking peak performance to achieve their maximum potential through self-mastery and spiritual awareness. She developed her Snap Out of It Now! processes and techniques based on research in neurophysiology. These simple, yet powerful tools allows top performers to confront, then eliminate, each and every obstacle to peak performance.


Face it or get chased by it. According to Dr. A, these are our only options.

As a visionary thinker, she employs neurofeedback and biofeedback tools such as the Stress Eraser, the Freeze-Framer, and a wireless visor called the Peak Achievement Trainer that trains brainwaves to oscillate between singular focus and a Zen-like state of total awareness. Typically used to treat ailments, these tools have been recognized by Dr. A to be instrumental in helping people attain their peak performance, as well.


She shares her insight and techniques through her private practice, her workshops and speaking engagements, as well as her CD's and latest book, Snap Out of It Now!.


To get a taste of what her work is about, click here and view View Dr. A's Speaking Demo



"The techniques that Dr. Ahern teaches can do wonders for all of us. Snap out of it now!, take control of your life and don't look back. Challenge yourself to form your own destiny. With the help of this book, you will." 
Tamika Catchings 
Olympic Gold medalist & WNBA All-Star
Catch the Stars Foundation Founder

Photo by Frank McGrath/Pacers Sports & Entertainment

Click here to see more testimonials of Dr. Ahern's work 



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